Safety policy

Last Updated: March 7, 2018

Cryptocurrency is money, and money can be used for both legal and illegal/fraudulent purposes. We wish to prevent the latter, and therefore provide the following information on Internet fraud.

What are the hallmarks of Internet fraud?

  • The provision of personal information to a stranger.
  • The purchase of a product or service whereby the promised payment is considerably higher than the value of the product or service.
  • The verification of your account details, to prevent your account from being deleted.

Protect yourself from Internet fraud

  • Always verify your transactions. When you purchase cryptocurrencies from us, we clearly verify the transaction during the payment process. The verification process must also confirm that you are aware the transaction concerns a coin purchase.
  • Be wary if someone requests your personal information via an unsolicited e-mail. Instead, always call the company concerned.
  • Do not click on any links or open attachments in suspicious emails.
  • Deal only with companies you trust.
  • Make sure the website uses encryption. The web address must be preceded by "https" instead of the usual "http" address bar of the browser.

Bitrush verification process

We request once an account validation when you order coins at Bitrush for the very first time. This process only takes a few minutes to verify the following information:

  • Email address: we send an email containing a verification code, in order to validate your email address.
  • Mobile phone number: we send an SMS containing a verification code, in order to validate your mobile phone number.
  • Account number: inspect the account statement of your chosen payment method. It will contain a unique Bitrush (BR) code.

Cooling-down period

Bitrush makes use of a cooling-down period that depends on your chosen payment method. This is a security measure that makes it possible for the bank or payment provider to detect and make us aware of potential fraud.

The cooling-down period ensures that coins are held for a period of 2 working days once a purchase limit has been reached.

Suppose you place an order for € 250, you will keep a purchase limit of € 200 for the following two working days. If you exceed the € 200 limit, your coins will be temporarily retained. The next period begins once the two working days are up. Payment method limits can be found on our payment methods page.